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Escape through 9 levels of hell using only echolocation.

Bat Outta Hell is a game made in 72 hours for the 2020 Love2D Jam with the theme frequency.


Reach the end of the 9th level without dying. You die when you run out of energy. Use the echo's color to determine what something is:

  • Green - exit to next level
  • Blue - hellbug to restore energy, some will try to run away
  • Purple - the rare gem, bonus score, only one in all of hell and its location is random
  • White - outer cave wall (the cave is a rectangle), bumping will lose energy
  • Yellow - pillar of fire, bumping will lose more energy
  • Red - hellhawk, bumping will lose a lot of energy

Bat Controls

  • Left click/hold - move bat to location, release after being stunned (red flashing), to move again
  • Right click - make a chirp to receive echos
  • Right hold - boost speed, go fast at the cost of energy

UI Controls

  • m - mute/un-mute music
  • r - show/hide rulers


You gain score by:

  • Eating hellbugs
  • Finding the rare gem
  • Completing a level
    • Without hitting fire
    • Without getting attacked by a hellhawk
    • For timed levels, each second is a bonus

Post Jam Touch-ups

  • Changed some in game text to be more thematic.
  • Added flocking bats to the main menu.
  • Improved scoring.
  • Invulnerability indicated by blue flashing.
  • Rulers are on by default.
  • Balanced some elements.



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bat_outta_hell_jam.love 18 MB
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bat_outta_hell_post_jam_touchups_linux.tar 21 MB
bat_outta_hell_post_jam_touchups_windows.zip 22 MB
bat_outta_hell_post_jam_touchups.love 18 MB

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