A game of stealth, deception, and out-sleuthing an opponent.

Scroll down for instructions (recommended)

This game is part of the 7DRL Game Jam. See: https://itch.io/t/405408/double-blind 

Download "universal" zip for smoothest play.

Computer controls

  • Up, down, left, right (ESDF for 2nd player) Uses Sneain a direction. See below for move information.
  • Pressing X (X on keyboard, Q for 2nd player) brings up the trick selection menu, holding lets you input a special move selection sequence without bringing up the menu screen (useful if you remember the sequences)
  • Holding O (Z on keyboard, TAB for 2nd player)  and pressing a direction will use your currently selected special move in that direction.
  • When in the trick  selection menu, press the arrows next to the desired trick in sequence, one after the other.


  1. Remember your position in True Sight first.
  2. Use the patterns on the floor as landmarks to make it easier to remember your position in the dark.
  3. Become familiar with the sequences so you can quick select them (holding down X and using arrows in sequence). This makes it so the room never goes out view and you can keep track of your position.
  4. Have fun!


The 7DRL version is in the downloads.

Currently known bugs in the 7DRL version:

  • Sometimes will play an ominous sound when performing moves. This is not intentional but kinda cool, and I intend on incorporating it. Removed for now.
  • The tutorial uses O to go through prompts, but that is also the button mostly likely to be held (to perform special moves), so tutorial prompts get skipped. Switched to X.
  • The first player looks to the left, which in versus is facing away from the other player. I have flipped the sprites of each player.
  • Moves fail to reset in between separate game (versus/story/tutorial). This has been fixed.
  • Changed "select move..." to "select trick..."
  • The 7DRL game is unwinnable, if you see doors disappear, you won! Fixed this.
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to have multiple decoys.



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ooh, a great stealth game XD it needs a lot of practice to master this tho XD

Great game, It's very interesting to see a competitive rougelike but this one stuck the landing for me.

I like how this game focuses on sneaking around in the dark. Especially the visible sounds are a neat idea. However the game has quite a steep learning curve. Therefore it is helpful that you offer the tutorial here.